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Become a student of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague, and join the ranks of successful graduates of our aviation study programs, who have become top experts in civil aviation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and in the world as well.

Studying at the Department of Air Transport, FTS CTU in Prague offers education in a dynamically developing and very attractive air transport industry, which ranks among the top in the use of the latest knowledge of science and technology.

Our graduates have the opportunity to achieve a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree at a prestigious and recognized university, one of the oldest technical universities in Europe.It is possible to study the bachelor’s Professional Pilot study program and the doctoral Air Traffic Control and Management study program. In cooperation with our aviation partners, our graduates are comprehensively prepared in accordance with applicable European standards and can obtain an ATPL commercial pilot’s license recognized throughout the EU.

The Faculty of Transportation Sciences and its part, the Department of Air Transport, cooperates with many foreign universities in the field of aviation, where students can complete part of their studies.

The high interest in studying at our prestigious aviation study fields has made us a leader in providing aviation education in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Seven teams providing expertise at the Department of Air Transport

In 2017, the Department of Air Transport had followed Faculty’s structure model to ensure its activities in the air transport domain. The Department had defined fundamental areas of the aviation domain in which the FTS CTU in Prague should lead.

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Transportation Sciences has held the position of a key subject in education, science, research, and development in transportation within and outside the Czech Republic. The Faculty has a unique division of departments defined by areas of transportation sciences that do not completely overlap with individual transportation modes. Founded on this principle, the Faculty responds very well to the needs of state administration, local governments, organizations, companies, and other research and educational institutions for cooperation and building better transportation for all.

In 2017, the Department of Air Transport had followed Faculty’s structure model to ensure its activities in the air transport domain. The Department had defined fundamental areas of the aviation domain in which the FTS CTU in Prague should lead. These areas are designed to ensure a possible overlap into other modes of transportation and possibly be functional parts of the Faculty. The definition of areas include:

  • safety and security,
  • airports, from a construction and operations point of view,
  • CNS/ATM technologies and operational procedures appropriate to the organization and management of air transport and the systems used,
  • unmanned aircraft systems, affecting both the integration into airspace itself and the use for transport as a whole,
  • area of ​​air transport operations focused on procedures, maintenance, meteorology, and the sustainability of the perspective of individual air transport operators.

According to the focus of individual areas, the possibility of interconnection with other areas is clear, and thus the possibility of sharing information and knowledge between individual modes of transport not only within a system-wide approach at the FTS but also with other CTU faculties and entities outside the University.

Each idea and proposed direction always undergoes changes, which are greater the larger the initial error. This was no different when defining teams, where the combination of air transport operations and economics proved to be quite complicated, and so in 2019, two new teams were established by dividing the original one. The Air Transport Operations team has remained largely maintained and another team, the 7th team was founded. This represents the Air Transport Economics and Air Law team which can thoroughly research the resources efficiency in today’s difficult times, and thus contributing to increasing transportations’ benefits for humanity.

Science & Research

The Department of Air Transport is involved in scientific and research activities in the form of national and international grants. Regarding science and research, we cooperate with both research and operational institutions from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Not only the definition of teams is essential for their functioning. We can observe that there are a lot of “empty shells” in different places, which look very advanced on the outside, but on closer look, they aren’t able of anything. However, the creation of teams was able to provide individual members of the Department of Air Transport with a clear direction for personal development, as well as the development of their area of interest. This has accelerated scientific activities and expanded cooperation with the commercial sector. Marginal cooperations became an essential element of Department’s research activities and two small projects within the ZÉTA call of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR) in 2017 made it possible to obtain 10 % of all supported projects in the first call of the TACR Transport2020+ Program by the Department of Air Transport of the FTS CTU in Prague. Perhaps even more fundamental is the diversity of content of the obtained grants, in the solution of which all teams are involved. The success in the first call was followed by success in the second call of the Transport2020+ Program, where the teams of the Department of Air Transport are again involved in 10 % of all supported projects.

The reputation of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences and the Czech Technical University in Prague is thus perceived in the Czech Republic and the world as a quality and trustworthy institution that can contribute fundamental knowledge in its domains. In particular, the long-standing cooperation with the Sapienza University of Rome, close discussions with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, communications with NASA, and involvement in the International Transport Forum of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (ITF OECD) can be mentioned.

Although aviation is extremely affected by the Covid-19 situation, ongoing development and efforts to improve processes and efficiency are and will continue to be crucial in the future. Thanks to the full support of the management of the FTS CTU in Prague, the Department of Air Transport, together with its seven teams led by seven top experts, is ready to make a fundamental contribution to this development.

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