Possibilities of Cooperation

The Department of Air Transport offers several cooperation models for aviation organizations and other entities involved in air transport operations, the development and production of aircraft technology, or in the provision of related services. The Department aims for the maximum interconnection of research and real operations issues and offers its professional capacities and facilities for this purpose. The cooperation can be focused on education or R&D and innovation.

Regarding education, we can help you prepare new experts tailored to your needs or offer additional training to your existing employees in the form of dedicated courses according to your needs.

Regarding R&D and innovation, we offer solutions to all types of operational problems in air transport operations. We are open to both short-term and straightforward activities as well as long-term and more complicated projects with various forms of financing. You can find details of individual cooperation models below.

If you are interested in any of the models or would like to learn more details about a specific problem, do not hesitate to contact the head of the Department, Mr. Jakub Kraus.

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