Calibration Laboratory at the Department

!CAUTION! From 1st October 2015, FAI does not accept old mechanical barographs for sports assessment.

Effective from 18th March 2011, our laboratory was granted with a certificate from Aeroclub of the Czech Republic to perform flight recorders calibration for sports flying and skydiving.

Chief meteorologist and guarantor of the laboratory is RNDr. Jacek Kerum.

The laboratory is equipped for calibration of the most used loggers, such as Erixx, Colibri, LX, etc. We also perform calibration and basic maintenance of mechanical barographs.

You can deliver us your recorders:

    • personally or by post to the Department address on Horská 3. Use the following name for the recipient: Mgr. Iveta Kameníková
  • personally to RNDr. Jacek Kerum

In 2012, requirements for after flight calibration of FR raised significantly. They include steps, which should be carried out as special, also according to FAI. The process became time-demanding as there are 26 individual tasks to be carried out after a cross country flight and 17 after elevation differential flights. It takes quite some time (1 up to 1,5 hour regardless of the number of FR in underpressure chamber) thus it is desirable to lodge calibration requests jointly, after coordination within individual aero clubs during trough periods. Please respect the time limitations of our workers; because calibration is not their main job, they do it in their spare time as a support to pilots. Another restriction is imposed by the fact, that the laboratory is not intended for calibrations only but it is also used for students for their work and so all the activities are to be combined there.

Contact Persons

RNDr. Jacek Kerum
Chief meteorologist and guarantor for calibrations (phone: 603 390 119, e-mail:

Mrg. Iveta kameníková
Manager of the Calibration Laboratory (phone: 724 761 304, e-mail:

Ing. Iva Šímová
Department of Air Transport Leadership Assistant (phone: 603 814 906, e-mail:

Information about calibrations

    • Provide your flight recorders with no cables. The laboratory is furnished with all connection equipment.
    • Erixx FR does not have to be specifically prepared for calibration.
    • Deliver other FR types with erased flight memory. If the memory is not erased, it will be erased before calibration!
    • LX20 and Colibri FRs(1) connect antenna, (2) activate GPS, (3) disconnect antenna (display shows GPS-BAD), (4) power off.
    • LX 7000, 5000 and 8000 FRs need only indication part for calibration (7000, 8000)
    • Volksloger and Flarm FRs: always download, save and delete your flight history. If you do not perform this step, your flight memory will be deleted before the calibration process starts. It is impossible to read the devices after calibration if there is flight history stored in their memory. Flarm FR must have up-to-date firmware for calibration.
    • If there is a SD card included, please backup all of its contents, but leave the SD card in the machine as it will be formatted.
  • Other unusual FR are calibrated individually as per type and specification.
  • Attention: please set the write interval at 4 sec. This is optimal. Longer interval means worse accuracy and reliability.

Loggers’ battery must be charged.

If you have any questions, contact RNDr. Jacek Kerum (

Current pricing

Prices for calibration:

  • flight recorder: 242 CZK per piece, VAT included
  • prices for other services and maintenance are depending on labour-intensity and character of the work.
  • for express FR calibration (after flight calibration), 363 CZK (VAT included) is charged from 1st of January 2014 due to demanding nature of the calibration process.

Payments are accepted upon agreement. Most frequent solutions are postal money orders or non-cash invoices.

In case of delivery by post, we recommend using services “parcel delivery to post office” or “parcel delivery to hand”. The costs of these services are about 130 CZK. If you decide to use the services, they will be charged on the top of the invoice amount.