For doctoral study field, graduates from master´s study field “Air Traffic Control and Management” are accepted as well as graduates from similar study fields from other universities. Admission process is similar to open competition. Accepted are applicants successfully passing entrance examination and verification by designated committee, which checks interest and knowledge preconditions for the study. Deeper knowledge of mathematics, adequate English skills and expert knowledge from the domain of civil aviation are necessary. In addition, applicants have to demonstrate knowledge with respect to selected dissertation domain.

To apply, steps to follow are:

  1. Select one of the opened dissertation domains. You can apply only for opened domains for respective doctoral study field admission.
  2. Discuss your study intentions at the Department (doc. Kraus).
  3. Fill in the application form here.
  4. After successfully passing entrance examination, you will receive details for doctoral study field enrolment.

Study field specification:

Basic characteristic of the “Air Traffic Control and Management” doctoral study field is subject continuity with the option to establish detailed focus on domain-specific issues within the dissertation domain. The study field is oriented towards scientific research and individual creative approach of our doctoral students to the following areas:

    • Development of aviation transport systems in the context of sustainable mobility
    • European air traffic policy
    • Development of methods for aviation transport systems evaluation
    • Development of modern logistic systems
    • Technological process modelling
    • Development of communication, navigation and surveillance systems

The study field is organised so that students have an opportunity for deepening their theoretical knowledge needed for scientific work during execution of research and development tasks under the supervision of their thesis advisor. Students are trained to perform difficult analytical and decision-making processes in the domain of technology and management of air transport and communications, in accordance with current state-of-the-art.

Goals of the study field:

The goal of the “Air Traffic Control and Management” study field is to develop individual creativity and understanding of scientific work and methods under the supervision of thesis advisors so that doctoral students are able to independently work and develop domain of their interest both from theoretical and practical standpoint. Fundamental goal is to provide students with up to date theoretical knowledge in order to support their research and development tasks, difficult analytical and decision-making processes in the domain of technology and management of air transport and communications.

Profile of study field graduates:

Graduates acquire deepened knowledge from applied mathematics, transportation economics, management and decision theory, marketing and strategic management complemented with additional knowledge from transportation theory, technology and modern logistic systems. Within the study field, students further extend their subject specialization by studying domain-specific subjects.
Graduates find their employment in various job positions at research institutions and university workplaces, developing creative solutions and addressing issues from the domain of technology and management of air transport. They also find their employment as top air transport managers and economists, at operational and project-oriented organizations, civil aviation authorities, dealing with challenging issues of technology and management of air transport.

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