The study is focuses on university educated professional pilots that are for air operators or they can do other kinds of air work for which a some of higher professional pilot licences with adequate qualifications is required. Graduates of this study field can work at all European states. This is because the gained qualification is the same for all states joined to EASA (all EU + other 35 states). The CTU is only university in CZE which can integrated ATPL(A) training. This training is prioritized by airlines.


The Study field is for three years and a study form is a full time. The graduates can gain an academic title Bachelor (Bc.). The graduates can continue in the study in master´s study field Air Traffic Control and Management that is common for all bachelor´s aviation study fields. The graduates of two-years master´s program can gain an academic title Engineer (Ing.).
The Professional Pilot study field graduates besides the academic title can gain, when fulfilled all conditions, the Training certificate that allowed to do final exams for Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL(A)) at Civil Aviation Authority. They will get the pilot licence after passing the exams and they can start to work in aviation sector immediately.

Training Course

A needed theory for gaining the licence and teaching of other subjects take place at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences CTU in Prague. The faculty has „Approved Training Organization No 010 – ATO 010“ licence for training of transport pilot (airplane) that has been granted by CZE Civil Aviation Authority.
A practical training takes place in one of partner air school (currently DSA or F-AIR). A student can choose the air school. The air school must be chosen on the begining of the first study semester (in the first month). The students pay for the practical training. A price for the ATPL(frozen) pilot training is approximately  1 500 000,- Kč with VAT. The price does not include fuel and landing fees. The fees can be different and they are approximately 10% of the price. The prices and conditions for obtaining a loan are not similar at each air school. The students have enough time to know the schools in detail to choose a optimal way.


An admission for the Professional Pilot study field is from Math and English language. The applicant must have Medical Certificate for Aviation Personnel – class 1 before the entrance examination. The certificate can be gained at The Institute of Aviation Medicine after passing medical inspections. You must order yourself to the medical inspections minimally few weeks before the examination and the applicant must pay for it. Details about the admission are at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences CTU in Prague websites.

If you have any question or requirement about the Professional Pilot study field please contact the field coordinator Ing. Roman Matyáš, Ph.D.