The field Air Transport (LED) falls below the bachelor’s degree program Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications as well as the fields TUL and PIL. A study in LED field is focused on an education of university, operational and technically educated professionals for civil aviation in the Czech Republic and also abroad. The study is divided into two blocks. The first study block contents three semesters of total 6. Study plans – taught subjects, their scope and content are same for all bachelor students in study program Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications at Faculty of Transportation Sciences in this block. The full-time study of 2nd block (4th – 6th semester) is project orientated. A students of the full-time study choose one project from offered projects in a tender and thereby the study field that they want. The projects are focused on professional issue of the fields and they lead to bachelor thesis. After choosing some project within the LED field, the students transfer to the second block of bachelor study which contents aviation subjects. The subjects are about operational and organizational parts of an air transport that are connected each other in the real world. The main parts are business activities in air transport, Air Traffic Management, navigation, flight planning and airport operations. A technical part of the study is focused on aircraft as a specific transport vehicles. It content study of aircraft engines construction, operational characteristics, general requirements at aviation technique and maintenance requirements too. The study is enriched by study of an economics and air transport legislation.

There are the project bided at Air Transport field of study listed below:

    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • CSN/ATM Technology and Operational Procedures
    • Aviation Safety and Security
    • Human Factor in Aviation
    • Modern Trends and Development of the Airports
    • Operation and Economic of the Air Transport